Features & Benefits

Significant advantage.

We are the only YouTube competitor with our own advertising exchange.

Because of this, we have zero reliance on Google Ads or any other advertising exchange to generate revenue to pay our creators. This key factor means we do not need to comply or submit to 3rd party policies and content creators are finally free to monetize their content without fear of negative financial consequences.

No censorship or demonetization.

We understand that everyone has different tastes, different views, and different kinds of content that they like to create and view.

One of our goals is to provide a platform that encourages freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

As long as the content is legal and not harming anyone else we see no reason to censor or financially punish creators or audiences who want to consume that type of content.

Attached NFT marketplace.

Many content creators currently sell merchandise to supplement their income. We believe that the next evolution for content creators will be selling digital NFTs to their audience.

Our connected NFT marketplace will be seamlessly connected to our tube site and will allow viewers and fans to purchase digital NFTs from their favorite content creators.

Creators can keep their YouTube channel.

YouTubers don't need to leave YouTube to be a part of our tube site. They can simply upload the same content and instantly turn on another stream of revenue.

This is beneficial from a financial and audience reach perspective and provides creators who are monetized, demonetized, or de-platformed, with a new home and source of income.

Bot detection and AI security features.

In order to ensure that everyone is playing by the rules, we will use AI-powered bots in combination with manual reviews to ensure that any illegal or restricted content is eliminated as soon as possible.

Additionally, we will use the same technology to ensure that viewers are not trying to use nefarious methods to try and increase their viewer score in order to qualify for larger airdrops.

Powerful analytics and creation features.

Our experience building Grow Advertising will reverberate into the video tube platform. We are experts at capturing and displaying data that will provide content creators with vital statistics and allow them to focus on creating content that generates the most revenue.

Additionally, we will be able to provide content creation tools very similar to what they are used to using on YouTube.

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