Aura is a next-generation token-based browser solution that rewards individuals for everyday browsing. As they are browsing content, ads are displayed on the websites they browse which are sold by the Aura platform which results in income to the platform. Additionally, any revenue from NFT minting, wallet transactions, Auraverse purchases, trading, licensing fees, literally all revenue streams, also power the Aura rewards program. Thus, regular use by participants results in more views and revenue collection. To reward their usage, Aura awards Points based on the number of ads viewed through regular browsing. The more pages a participant loads and views the more points they earn. There is no limit or cap to the number of points they can earn, although daily point rewards are capped. Points can be converted to $AURA tokens on the platform through a one-click conversion; a stablecoin pool that is funded by platform earnings is used to perform a market buy of AURA tokens to fulfill all points redemptions forcing constant buy pressure. Any redemption request requires that AURA be locked for a minimum of 30-days in our staking pool. Users earn APY yields in this pool and have the option to alternatively select longer staking periods of 60-days and 90-days with higher yields. These yields will be defined by the platform at a later date.

Alternatively, a user can choose to retain their points and use them within the Aura ecosystem to redeem items such as gifts cards or other partner goods and services.

Thus, participants earning on Aura are not required to be very familiar with token-based ecosystems and can still enjoy the benefit of using Aura’s browsing technology.

Chakra-based reward system.

Data from browser users will not be tracked but users will have the ability to input profile data and enable advertisements which will allow them to earn additional $AURA rewards.

The data that users willingly share will not be used to identify individuals. It will be used to create targeting parameters that advertisers can use to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Some examples of this profile data that users will be able to fill in include.

  • Age range

  • Sex

  • Marital status

  • Household size

  • Children in residence

  • Job industry

  • Income range

  • Hobbies

  • Interests

  • Education level

New users will start at the lowest red chakra level by default and will have to enable standard ads in order to start earning rewards. Users can enjoy the full functionality of the browser for free, share no data, and view no ads, if they choose to do so, and are not required to participate in the rewards program.

If a user does want to participate in the rewards program they must complete their profile and enable advertisements which will allow them to earn a percentage of ad revenue every time they view an ad. To unlock the maximum reward levels the user will have to maintain high activity levels and engage with the browser and its related services on a regular basis. Rewards will be calculated based on various factors including:

  • Activity levels

  • Profile data submitted

  • Ads viewed

  • Engagement with our related services

As $AURA rewards accumulate they can be claimed directly to the user's wallet which will be built directly into the browser. The user can then use these rewards to make online purchases, investments, trade for other currencies, or withdraw them at their discretion.

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