How Does It work?

How does an RTB advertising exchange work?

A real-time bidding advertising exchange is similar to an auction.

Publishers with advertising space place their inventory up for sale and set a minimum price that they are willing to sell that ad space for. Advertisers then bid on that space in real-time and the winning bidder has their ad displayed on the publisher's website. This auction process takes place within a fraction of a second every time a web page is loaded.

The Publisher experience.

Publishers are able to set up advertising placements in minutes from a self-serve portal.

They can select from a variety of ad formats and sizes, set their pricing, choose which categories of ads they will allow, and much more.

The Advertiser experience.

Advertisers can sign up for a free account, add funds, and submit ads for approval, Our advanced targeting and reporting features allow Advertisers to increase ROIs by focus firing on what is working and eliminating non-performing variables in real-time.

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