Features & Benefits


Browser data is never stored on external servers and will never be sold to third parties. Individual users will never be asked to share profile data that can be used to identify themselves and have the ability to remain completely anonymous. Built-in ad blocking and script blocking technology will ensure that users cannot be re-targeted and stalked with advertisements as they browse the web.

Built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

Every user will have a seed phrase and password-protected wallet that they can set up if they choose to enable ads and start earning $AURA rewards. This wallet will have standard built-in security features and can be attached to a hardware wallet for added security. Users will be able to recover their wallets with their seed phrase and will enjoy a wallet that supports all of the most popular blockchains by default.

Tiered reward system.

If browser users wish to enable rewards they can take part in our chakra-based reward system where they can enable ads and input non-identifying profile data to earn rewards in $AURA.

This reward system scales up and provides higher amounts of $AURA depending on the amount of profile data shared, the various categories of ads enabled, browser use time, affiliated products and services utilized, and more.

New browser users will start at the red chakra level where they can enjoy using the privacy-based browser for free without the need to set up a wallet, input any sort of profile data, or view any ads.

Gamification system.

Users will enjoy a built-in gamification system that will provide rewards in the form of maximum chakra levels, NFTs, $AURA prizes, and more. Each browser user will have an avatar that will level up over time, can be customized in various ways, and then be used to play Auraverse and browser-based games. Some examples of this gamification system include:

  • Daily login rewards.

  • NFT collectibles.

  • Avatar outfits and collectibles.

  • Liking, commenting, and subscribing on the tube site.

  • Rewards for using our advertising technology.

  • A leveling and attribute point allocation system.

  • Mass multiplayer gaming


The AURAVERSE is a natural extension of the AURA Browser experience which allows deeper immersion into 2D & 3D virtual environments.

A digital universe dominated by relatable tradable commodities such as virtual land, property, popular gaming, the inclusion of NFT’s and other digital assets held within your own physical or virtual custody.

It shall allow a diversity of personal choices, where new layers of human connection, interaction, social engagement, relationships & private communications prevail.

A brand new user experience that can be delivered in a safe ethically gamified way and where new types of digital commerce and individual opportunities are forged.

Built-in VPN.

In order to provide users with the maximum amount of privacy and functionality, there will be a VPN system built into the browser that will allow users to quickly and easily change their location.

This will allow users to access services not available in their current location while simultaneously providing an additional layer of privacy protection.

18+ Age gate.

Any browser user that wants to set up a wallet, start viewing ads, and start earning rewards will need to agree to our terms of service and confirm that they are 18 years or older.

This compliance step ensures that all users of the browser are above the age of consent and are able to view advertisements from restricted categories like cannabis, gambling, financial services, and more.

Self-serve advertising exchange technology.

Grow Advertising is a fully functional, self-serve, real-time bidding, advertising exchange platform that will act as the main source of revenue generation for the Aura browser. This technology began development in 2017 and will provide advertisers and publishers with advanced targeting and reporting features without using behavioral targeting that infringes on user privacy. Revenue from the advertising exchange will be shared with browser users in the form of $AURA rewards.

NFT collection.

When a browser user sets up their wallet they will simultaneously be setting up an NFT collection album. This collection album will allow users to store NFTs while also allowing for the collection of NFT rewards.

Users will be able to buy, sell, and trade NFTs directly from their album from the browsers affiliated NFT marketplace.

DeFi investments and DEX.

Browser users will be able to automate farming, staking, or trading of their $AURA rewards through affiliated partners and decentralized exchanges. Instead of simply collecting and storing $AURA rewards users can put those rewards to work automatically by selecting from a variety of DeFi-based platforms and partners. Future plans include creating a DEX that will allow users to easily trade cryptocurrencies directly from the browser.

DAO decision-making.

A DAO will decide on a variety of variables including:

  • Company policy.

  • Browser features.

  • Development priorities.

  • Advertising guidelines.

  • Appropriate content.

  • Strategy, and more.

Sub-DAOs will be created for individual industries particularly in restricted categories like cryptocurrency and cannabis to help guide these industries as they become more mainstream.

Payment gateway and escrow system.

The Crypto Billings payment gateway will provide supporters of $AURA with an easy-to-integrate payment gateway so they can start accepting $AURA for goods and services. Plugins for all of the most popular shopping cart software have already been developed in order to provide a seamless user experience for online shop owners. A future escrow system will be developed that will provide merchants, service providers, and customers, with peace of mind when dealing with large or risky purchases.

Tube site and NFT marketplace.

A new tube site and attached NFT marketplace will allow content creators to earn additional revenue exclusively paid in $AURA. This tube site will not rely on traditional advertising revenue from Google Ads to pay creators and will not have to comply with their advertising guidelines. As a result, creators who were previously demonetized or restricted for not being advertiser-friendly will be able to earn revenue for their content. The attached NFT marketplace will also allow content creators to release NFT drops that browser users will easily be able to buy, sell, and trade directly from the browser.

Alternative search engine.

Creating a new search engine will provide advertisers with a significant inventory of advertising placements. The increased revenue from these ads will be shared with browser users in the form of $AURA rewards. By providing users with search results that are uncensored, and where policy is governed by the DAO, users will be able to have access to information that may have been unavailable to them on other search engines.

Alternative domain names.

New domain extension like .zil .crypto .coin .wallet .bitcoin .x .888 .nft .dao .blockchain are not supported by traditional browsers without the use of a plugin or extension. Additionally, major search engines do not currently index blockchain domain websites.

By indexing these extensions natively we help the cryptocurrency industry become more mainstream and accessible for all.

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