List Of Restricted Industries

Which industries are restricted or banned from mainstream providers?

Many industries face issues related to banking, payment processing, content publishing, and advertising.

Instead of being able to work with mainstream providers these restricted industries often must set up high-risk merchant accounts and pay a premium for banking and payment processing services. Additionally, many of these industries are forced to come up with creative ways to market their business or practice black-hat techniques due to being banned from advertising on mainstream platforms like Google Ads and Facebook.

The top 60 of these industries include:

  • Advertising services

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Alcohol

  • Alternative medicine

  • Anti-aging

  • Auto warranties

  • Background checks

  • Beauty, skin & hair care

  • Business opportunities

  • Cannabis

  • CBD Oil

  • Charities

  • Cosmetic surgery

  • Credit repair and monitoring

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Dating services

  • Debt collection and debt management

  • Diet and weight loss

  • Domain registration

  • Drugs and drug products (including prescriptions)

  • Events and Tickets

  • E-wallets

  • Fantasy sports

  • File sharing

  • Financial services

  • Firearm sales

  • Foreign exchange (Forex)

  • Gambling

  • Government grants

  • Health

  • High ticket coaching

  • Insurance

  • ISPs and web hosting

  • Male enhancement

  • Merchant Aggregators

  • Money transfer

  • Monthly membership

  • Nutritional supplements (nutraceuticals)

  • Online auctions

  • Pawnshops

  • Pet sales and accessories

  • Payday loans

  • Penny auctions

  • Phone unlocking services

  • Politics

  • Prepaid phone cards

  • Psychic and astrology

  • Pyramid selling, network marketing, direct sales

  • Self-storage

  • Software downloads

  • Stem-cell products

  • Subscription Boxes

  • Tech support

  • Ticket brokers

  • Timeshares and holiday clubs

  • Tobacco

  • Torrents

  • Vape / E-Cig

  • VPN services

  • Web design and SEO services

There are additional industries that we did not include for the sake of brevity but what is clear is that the market is absolutely massive with virtually limitless scalability.

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