The AURAVERSE is a natural extension of the AURA Browser engagement and NFT Avatar System which allows deeper immersion into 2D & 3D virtual environments.

Recent publicly launched projects have portrayed this as an alternative digital universe dominated by relatable tradable commodities such as land, property, popular gaming, the inclusion of NFTs, and other digital assets held within your own virtual custody.

We consider a more nuanced development into a diversity of personal choices, where new layers of human connection, interaction, social engagement, relationships & private communications prevail.

Deeply engaging education can be delivered in a safe ethically gamified way and new types of digital commerce and individual opportunities can be forged.

We imagine technology such as “playing to earn”, “paying to play”, unwrapped from their currently strict walled gardens now given freedoms around greater cross border interactional activities. All with limitless economic possibilities, evolving within an interconnected, autonomous & protected ecosystem.

This is the technological convergence moment where physical and virtual worlds can sustainably co-exist and new human discovery can flourish.

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