White Label Technology

A problem within the restricted industries.

Many restricted publishers are not able to collect revenue from mainstream advertising exchange partners like Google Ads simply because their industry is completely banned. Others who are able to collect Adsense revenue within these restricted industries are often placed in a bottom-tier CPM range and collect the lowest revenues in the entire advertising industry. Due to this many Publishers are forced to sell advertising space through a direct ad sales process. This process is labor-intensive, expensive with a high-cost barrier to entry, and ties up sales and tech staff to execute. That process looks something like this:

  • The Advertiser contacts the Publisher by email or is solicited by a member of the Publisher's ad sales team.

  • The Publisher sends the Advertiser a media kit that lists their available inventory and their audience demographics.

  • A negotiation process takes place where packages of traffic are offered usually starting in the thousands of dollars range.

  • Once a deal is struck the advertising banners and deal terms are forwarded to the tech team who integrate the advertising campaign onto the Publisher's site.

This process usually involves very little targeting and reporting capabilities, no ability to track or modify campaigns in real-time, and is typically very ineffective for the Advertiser.

The high-cost barrier to entry is also a problem for smaller advertisers who can't afford to take this "Pay-Spray-&-Pray" approach.

Our white label solution.

Our unique white label technology allows any Publisher to literally insert their logo and utilize the full power of our technology under their brand name. This completely transforms the ad buying and selling process for the restricted industries and provides Publishers with a self-serve portal where they can easily manage any direct ad sale campaigns. Additionally, self-sufficient Advertisers can simply log in to the Publishers portal, add funds to their account, and submit their ads for approval. All of this can be done without tying up the Publishers sales or tech team.

And finally, smaller Advertisers can advertise and spend as little as $5 dollars to test out ad campaigns which allows Publishers to collect revenue from a larger customer base.

Whitelabel partners get access to their own admin panel where they can control ad approvals, manage user accounts, and track all statistics and spending throughout their entire operation. Our voucher generation system is an additional bonus feature that allows Publishers to entice new Advertisers with a free voucher to come and try their ad exchange at no cost.

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