How Will It Work?

The community can download the AURA Browser freeware to their devices as desired from our website. The AURA Browser operates in a familiar manner as most other browsers and is naturally intuitive to use. All of the commonly understood functions that users are accustomed to will be available including bookmarks, tabs, address bar, languages, and more. A key difference is that privacy settings will be enabled by default for all browser users which will ensure the user avoids being tracked while they use the internet. Additionally, unwanted third-party ads will be blocked by default which will increase the loading speed and functionality of websites the users visit. Users will have the option to immediately set up their personalized (built-in) digital cryptocurrency wallet, choose to share non-identifying profile data, enable preferred types of ads, take advantage of all the latest NFT, Web 3.0, and DeFi functions, as well as participate in the $AURA rewards program.

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