Browser Industry

Google Chrome dominates the browser industry with a massive 65% market share across all devices, phones, tablets & desktops.

Unsurprisingly, Google also dominates the search engine market share on desktops, coming in with nearly 92 percent of global usage.

Chromium is an early open-source code that many browsers build upon, whilst Google Chrome is a proprietary product that is far advanced from its early form and is on release V96+. (Dec 2021)

Apart from Apple’s own Safari browser, there is little competition to Chrome.

The evolution into Enterprise level solutions has the Chrome business unit attempting to gain integrations across workplaces and employee devices.

The recent pandemic and remote working have changed the landscape where business models will adapt as people enjoy working from home and have remote connectivity.

One may consider this move a natural progression for Chrome, however, its history of poor data protection and questionable tracking history may be a barrier for many business owners to accept them inside their organizations

The Browser Landscape in 2021

Web 2.0

Mozilla Firefox (Based on Gecko) 5% - reducing annually. Lack of ongoing development or tech upgrades.

Tor Browser (Based on Mozilla Firefox) > 0.05% static growth, performance issues, low understanding, open-source, dark web use.

Google Chrome (Based on Chromium) ~ 65% dominant & ruthless. Oversight issues. Public Enemy #1.

Brave Browser (Based on Chromium) > 0.05% unexciting rewards system and user experience.

Microsoft Edge (Based on Chromium) > ~8% no growth, a hated mothership, has Yahoo Search Engine client which breathes some life into the browser.

Apple - Safari (WebKit - original build based on Chromium) ~16% global (~56% in the USA mobile market) Big Tech monopolistic walled garden behemoth. Oversight issues. Tesla has Apple in its gunsight with its new smartphone & Starlink connectivity. Microsoft Bing 5% flat adoption. It likely wins the most boring brand on earth. Hated mothership.

Samsung Internet 3.2% (Mobile only platform real statistic is 6.44% in that segment) Grudge tech, no revenue benefits for them. Recent closure of Cloud Storage services.

Web 3

*ICP DFinity Foundation - The Internet Computer is in the build phase, deeply centralized is an issue. Not getting much positive community traction. An assembly of quality talent moving away from Big Tech.

*The Graph Web 3 Indexing protocol in the build phase, holds promise. No browser or UX interface, API connectivity for others to build upon. & ASK Token (Web2 Chrome Extension) in build & development, flawed business model, no AdTech.

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