Demonetized & Banned Content Creators

Why does YouTube demonetize or ban certain content creators?

YouTube is a for-profit company that is quick to demonetize videos that they consider to be non-advertiser friendly.

This covers many categories including prank channels, marijuana influencers, comedians, alternative media, videos using cuss words, and many more. If a video is demonetized by YouTube they may still run ads on those videos but will not share any ad revenue with the content creator. A researcher was able to identify over 15,000 words that will get your video demonetized if used in the title or description.

Our view on censorship.

We believe that censoring, demonetizing, and banning content creators who are not doing anything illegal but are simply stating their opinion or creating content that others may find offensive is harmful to our society.

Examples of demonetized content creators.

Content creators that are demonetized and cannot collect ad revenue use other means such as promoting brands directly in their videos, selling merchandise, and directing their subscribers to support them on Patreon.

Examples of banned content creators.

Content creators have also been completely de-platformed and had their channels suddenly deleted because of YouTube's ever-increasing censorship.

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