Features & Benefits

Available ad formats.

Grow Advertising provides a variety of ad formats including banners, popups, sticky ads, and native ads. Currently, we are working on developing push notification ads and popunder ads and will be working on video and in-app advertising placements in the near future.

Targeting capabilities.

Advertisers are able to select from a wide range of targeting parameters which allow them to target specific devices, locations, demographics, and more. The ability to target and adjust these parameters in real-time is a crucial component that performance advertisers demand in order to maximize their advertising spend and increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Unique features.

Our proprietary software offers a variety of unique features that Publishers will love.

Publishers are able to set their own CPM price. Most advertising exchanges simply pay you what they say your traffic is worth.

Publishers can turn off ads they don't like. Protect your brand's best interest by disabling ads you do not approve of. This feature is currently under development.

Connect your own payment gateway. Publishers have the ability to connect their own payment gateways and receive payments directly into their bank account or crypto wallet.

Run our tech at the same time as our competitors. If Grow Advertising is not able to fulfill your advertising placement for the minimum CPM price that has been set it will default to either a backup banner that the Publisher selects or even to another advertising exchange. This feature allows Publishers to integrate our technology while taking zero risks to any sort of interruption to their current revenue stream.

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